Makeover planned for Silo City

Makeover planned for Silo City

An article posted in In the News on Jul 25, 2019

A Florida-based developer is heading a $40 million dollar mixed-use development.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A big piece of Buffalo’s history has sat vacant for years, but Silo City won’t be abandoned much longer.

“We’re looking at doing a mixed-use development that has residential, commercial, community uses, artistic enhancements, and other uses as well,” said Marvin Wilmoth of Generation Development Group.

Silo City property owner Rick Smith is partnering with Florida-based Generation Development Group to turn a portion of the old silos, grain elevators, and warehouses into a destination.

The developers went before the Buffalo Zoning Board on Monday to ask to change the zoning of the land to allow residential and retail space. The request was tabled.

“I think we are going to resubmit our PUD application here in the next couple weeks,” said Wilmoth.

The developers told 2 On Your Side that it’s important to make sure they preserve the historic structure of the property. They said they won’t be tearing down buildings or putting apartments inside the silos.
Makeover planned for Silo City

“The intention of the plan is not to fill the silos or grain elevators with apartment homes. The plan is to utilize the supplemental buildings” said Anthony Ceroy of Generation Development Group. “Whether they were milling buildings, warehouses, etc. and utilize those for redevelopment to bring residential units to life and utilize the silos themselves for supplemental art installations for potential commercial activation or potential other green spaces.”

The project will be completed in phases, the first phase is expected to cost $40 million, the entire project could cost around $100 million and take eight to 10 years to complete.

Ceroy says there is a need for creative housing in Buffalo and is hoping to attract a unique art scene.

“What really excited us about this deal with Rick Smith is that you don’t have deals with all of these elements put together in a place that has need and the infrastructure Buffalo provides to do development of this nature,” said Ceroy.

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