Silo City

"A Community for Creatives"


To add housing options for creatives
from all walks of life

In 1963, Silo City was decommissioned from the operation and has dwelt vacant for half a century. Now reinvented as a space for creatives, Silo City in Buffalo, NY hosts a creative community of photographers, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs of all types.


Silo City by Generation Development GroupSilo City by Generation Development Group

To create a vibrant mixed-use community while maintaining the existing creative culture at Silo City

The end vision of the Silo revitalization will bring approximately 400 apartment homes and over 30,000 sqft of office, retail, exhibition, gallery and green community amenities.


Built in the early 1900’s, Silo City
was home to the American Malting Company
operating on the Buffalo River

Silo City was built in the early 1900’s and is made up of 6 historic structures, each representing 6 different companies that formerly operated on the Buffalo Niagara River:

  • AMERICAN WAREHOUSE – This structure was built in 1906 and served as a combination mill and warehouse for the American Malting Company.
  • AMERICAN GRAIN ELEVATOR – Built in 1906 for the American Malting Corporation — this used to be the elevator for the production of beers for Eastern market consumption, but fell victim to the Prohibition.
  • PEROT MALT HOUSE – A five-story red brick malt house was used for malting barley and was built in 1907.
  • PEROT GRAIN ELEVATOR – The Perot Grain elevator is a towering structure — instantly recognizable.
  • MARINE A GRAIN ELEVATOR – This first-of-its-kind grain elevator was built in 1925, and are approximately 120 feet of solid concrete.
  • LAKE & RAIL GRAIN ELEVATOR COMPLEX – The Lake and Rail Elevator was built in four steps over the years 1927 to 1930, reaching a total capacity of 4,400,000 bushels.


Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY


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